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Stand E003C
Copeeks développe et commercialise des solutions numériques pour le suivi des élevages et des parcelles de productions végétales. Nos boîtiers connectés intelligents transmettent leurs informations vers...

EXPERTISES : IoT Integration, Connected objects, AI
SECTEUR D'ACTIVITE : Agritech & Foodprocessing
Stand W222
Copter Express Technologies LLC is a research and development company of unmanned aerial multirotor drones. COEX Clever is a programmable drone kit designed to educate students  in schools, colleges, universities and summer camps about aerodynamics,...

EXPERTISES : Education, Robotics Integration
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Transport, Smart city - Mobility
Stand W003A
CozyAir est une entreprise en pleine croissance spécialisée dans le traitement de données de la qualité de l'air intérieur. avec son service et son équipe d’experts. CozyAir offre une réelle valeur...

EXPERTISES : Data, Engineering, IoT Integration
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Energy - Infrastructure - Building, Smart city - Mobility, Healthcare
Stand E344
Description en cours de rédaction.

SECTEUR D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain
Stand E155
CPE Lyon is an engineering school specialized in the fields of "Digital sciences and smart systems" & "Chemistry and chemical engineering". The Master of Science in Digital sciences combines electronics engineering and advanced...

EXPERTISES : Education, Connected objects, Robots
Stand E234
Careclever company is developping a companion robot named Cutii and designed for elderly people living at home. Cutii helps to reduce the feelings of loneliness and boredom La start up CareClever développe un robot compagnon...

SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Smart city - Mobility, Healthcare, Consumer experience
Stand E142
The Cybedroid company was founded by three robotic enthusiasts in 2011 to drive their vision of a world where robots could relieve humans of menial tasks, support them in their day-to-day lives, and ultimately provide companionship.   La société CYBEDROÏD a...

EXPERTISES : Robots, Robotics Integration
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Consumer experience, Smart city - Mobility, Healthcare
Stand W316
The DASH7 Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes DASH7, an open protocol for the Industrial Internet of Things originating from the ISO18000-7 active RFID standard. DASH7 operates in the ISM band and provides true bidirectionnal...

EXPERTISES : Connectivity, Connected objects, Association
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Energy - Infrastructure - Building, Agritech & Foodprocessing
Stand E002-C
DataGenius is an outsourced Data Lab offering expertise in Data Science and AI. We help you extract value from your data. Our technical expertise, combined with a solid business knowledge offers the solution most adapted to your needs. DataGenius est...

EXPERTISES : Data, AI, Innovation Consulting
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Transport, Healthcare, Consumer experience

>> Jeudi 11 avril 2019 | 12:30 - 13:15 | Auditorium Pasteur
IA - IoT- Blockchain, les atouts fidélité !
Stand W226
Denimbo develops software tools for IoT to make any web developer able to build a custom solution tailored to his business needs. Denimbo was founded by a team of Inria R&D engineers who think that programming connected objects and cloud services...

EXPERTISES : IoT Integration, Prototyping, Connected objects
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Energy - Infrastructure - Building, Smart city - Mobility, Consumer experience


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