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Stand E112
In 1997 Paessler revolutionized IT monitoring with the introduction of PRTG Network Monitor. Today over 200,000 IT administrators, in more than 170 countries, rely on PRTG to monitor their business-critical systems, devices and network infrastructures....

EXPERTISES : IoT Integration, Connected objects, Connectivity
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Smart city - Mobility, Healthcare, Industry & Supply Chain
Stand W302
PALO IT is a global technology innovation team and an agile software development company dedicated to help organisations embrace exponential change. We work with clients to rapidly launch products and services, create new business models and build...

EXPERTISES : AI, Data, Innovation Consulting
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Consumer experience, Smart city - Mobility, Transport
Stand E138
Description en cours de rédaction.
PTC unleashes industrial innovation with award-winning, market-proven solutions that enable companies to differentiate their products and services, improve operational excellence, and increase workforce productivity. With PTC, and its partner ecosystem,...

EXPERTISES : IoT Integration, Connectivity
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Transport, Energy - Infrastructure - Building

>> Jeudi 11 avril 2019 | 09:00 - 09:45 | Salle West
Aborder le virage de la transformation digitale grâce à des solutions d'IoT industriel
Stand W226
Pole SCS is a world-class competitiveness cluster dedicated to digital technologies. It brings together an ecosystem of more than 320 industrial players, large multi-national groups, SMEs and startups, research laboratories and leading universities...

EXPERTISES : Connected objects, AI, Blockchain
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Smart city - Mobility, Energy - Infrastructure - Building
Stand E142
Founded in 2016 by INRIA and MIT researchers, Pollen Robotics is a studio combining robotics, AI and cognitive sciences together. We engage visitors with unique scenographic robots, elegant creatures sharing their story… and let the magic emotional...

EXPERTISES : Robots, R&D, Design
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Consumer experience, Smart city - Mobility
Stand E105
Description en cours de rédaction.

EXPERTISES : Hardware components, Robots, UAVs
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Transport, Energy - Infrastructure - Building
Stand W006C
Spin-off CEA-Liten, PowerUp is specialized on batteries lifetime optimization. Our technology allows to measure batteries' actual state-of-health and adapt smart charging methods thanks to algorithms and a real knowledge of batteries degradation mechanisms....

EXPERTISES : Hardware components, Data, AI
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Energy - Infrastructure - Building, Smart city - Mobility
Stand W108
Description en cours de rédaction.

EXPERTISES : Innovation Consulting, IoT Integration, Robotics Integration
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Energy - Infrastructure - Building
Stand E001A
ProovStation automates and standardizes the global car inspection process. Our product is an automated drive-through bay which detects and analyses vehicle damages using AI and Blockchain. ProovStation permet d’automatiser et standardiser...

EXPERTISES : AI, Data, Connected objects
SECTEURS D'ACTIVITE : Industry & Supply Chain, Transport, Smart city - Mobility


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