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ADAGOS is introducing NeurEco, a new generation of neural networks based on parsimony. NeurEco generates neural networks that grows step by step new neurons and connections best suited to explain the particular data. NeurEco reduces the resources (size of learning data, energy consumption, size of neural network and memory requirement, computing time, development time) required to implement machine learning methods by several orders of magnitude when compared with the current state of the art NeurEco thus opens up AI to the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded systems sectors, which present strong constraints of autonomy, connectivity, IT resources and congestion. By achieving the smallest necessary network structure, NeurEco minimizes the network's battery consumption and makes it possible to embed AI on small devices and to increase their autonomy. Thanks to its parsimony, NeurEco requires less data for learning. It is even possible to embed the learning process and to update the neural network on the fly, avoiding the necessity for waiting weeks and months to collect enough data.

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