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  • Security / Cybersecurity
  • Finished products - Objects - Robots - UAVs
  • Software


  • Augmented Operator
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Systems interoperability
  • Geo-tracking
  • Connected equipment management (Asset tracking)
  • New users experiences

Company Activity

  • Building / Energy

  • Industry

  • Mobility / Transport

KYPSAFE is THE solution that guarantees the safety of workers on any type of worksite in just a few minutes. Our connected beacons make it possible to create virtual safety barriers or bubbles around danger zones: fixed zone on the ground, vehicles with risks of crushing, height danger and 3D location, etc. Each worker is equipped with a tag that gives the alert in case of danger. KYPSAFE is Plug & Play, installs in just a few minutes, works perfectly indoors, outdoors, underground or even offshore, and benefits from several weeks of autonomy.

With KYPSAFE, save the lives of your workers in just a few minutes.

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