Adamant-NAMIKI motorization for RoBoHoN robot from SHARP

At this time when humans began to coexist with robots, many small robots were put on the market. Some may do work, hold a conversation, monitor rooms, or connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and provide data. There are many ways robots can contribute to our lives.

Adamant Namiki has developed a servo-micromechanism for a small robot. So that this motor is perfectly adapted to each articulation of the robot, an innovative compact design has been realized by assembling: the motor, the reducer and the other key elements of a precise and optimized way in a very restricted space.

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Robotics and AI Open Letter to the European Commission - By Nathalie Nevejans

Dear Colleagues,

I am an HDR Lecturer in Law at the University of Artois (France), and I published a book entitled “Treaty of Law and Ethics of Civil Robotics” in early 2017 (1232 pages). I am also a member of the CNRS Ethics Committee (COMETS).

The European Parliament voted in February 2017 to adopt a Resolution proposing the adoption of the legal personality of robots – which could then be considered as electronic persons – as a possible remedy to the question of civil liability in case of damage caused by a robot (§ 59, f, to read under my signature, below).

AI / Robotics
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Cobots are essential to the Industry 4.0 - By Universal Robots

Cobots or Collaborative robots were created 10 years ago, in Odense, Denmark, the birthplace of Universal Robots. Universal Robots is the market leader in Cobotics with 60% market share and more than 22.000 cobots sold to date around the world.

When creating our first robot arm model, our project was to propose an alternative and not a competitor to industrial robots: the alternative of a robot working alongside man.

As our societies evolve, thanks to technological progress as well as to globalization, it has become vital to do “more”. Create more products, faster, more efficiently, in a more flexible way, and above all, in a safer process. The intensification of the production rhythms and the increasing demands from consumers have forced man to use machines to support him in his task.

Industry & Supply Chain / Robotics
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