Health at work: The Numii scale showcased at SIDO
In our digital world filled with AI and big data, how can occupational health be reinvented, technical advances into social progress? The French company AIO has brought a solution to the table, called Numii, a scale for healthier workplaces, through the use of artificial intelligence. Featuring connected beacons, this swarm intelligence needs only to be placed near workers to assess their movements and efforts and generate the world’s first labour health database. 
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The latest robotics market stats confirm growth in all sectors hits two figures.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) is the primary global resource for data on robotics. While the worldwide figures on industrial robotics are considered to be accurate, those for service robotics are seen only as trend indicators and are often underestimated

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Automation trends in the packaging industry

Like many other industries, the packaging sector constantly adapts to market requirements. Changes are being influenced by factors such as regulation, skills shortages and digital transformation. To turn these challenges into opportunities, innovative companies are increasingly relying on solutions such as human-robot collaboration and the use of artificial intelligence to manage intensive data processing.

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Service robotics for industrial cleaning – where are we today?

Generally speaking, cleaning activities entail a great variety of manual tasks requiring the people who carry them out to be highly mobile. Many robotic or mobile handling systems could be of interest in this type of situation. The very context of cleaning requires systems that are simple to implement with minimum constraints for operators.

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This is when AI’s top researchers think artificial general intelligence will be achieved

At the heart of the discipline of artificial intelligence is the idea that one day we’ll be able to build a machine that’s as smart as a human. Such a system is often referred to as an artificial general intelligence, or AGI, which is a name that distinguishes the concept from the broader field of study. It also makes it clear that true AI possesses intelligence that is both broad and adaptable. To date, we’ve built countless systems that are superhuman at specific tasks, but none that can match a rat when it comes to general brain power.

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Industry 4.0 and the “Extraordinary Factory”

Industry 4.0 is all about streamlining the manufacturing/production process and the supply chain by incorporating new technologies such as sensors, IoT, informatics, digital, AI, connectivity, 3D printing, robotics and others. Industry 4.0 is obviously highly technological, with an aim of efficiency, and humans may or may not be physically present in the process. It involves practical execution of manufacturing. Optimization does not only mean improved productivity, of course. By focusing on humans, Industry 4.0 above all helps to eliminate overly strenuous or mind-numbing work.

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Big Data, AI and Robotics: Buzz or Societal Issue

While the technological developments in Artificial Intelligence offer new opportunities for big data analysis; While the rampant implantation of sensors and connected objects multiplies the capacity of data capture in our professional and personal environments, public or private; Whereas robotics is both a sensorimotor system for collecting data that can feed the progress of Artificial Intelligence and the embodiment of artificial intelligence, which can put it into action in the physical world;
The stakes have become very high and public and private organizations are gearing up to capitalize on the opportunities raised by these new technologies, anticipate their impacts, and better regulate their use.

Industry & Supply Chain / Healthcare / Transport / Robotics / Energy - Building / Agritech - Foodprocessing / User experience / Smart City
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Cobots are essential to the Industry 4.0 - By Universal Robots

Cobots or Collaborative robots were created 10 years ago, in Odense, Denmark, the birthplace of Universal Robots. Universal Robots is the market leader in Cobotics with 60% market share and more than 22.000 cobots sold to date around the world.

When creating our first robot arm model, our project was to propose an alternative and not a competitor to industrial robots: the alternative of a robot working alongside man.

As our societies evolve, thanks to technological progress as well as to globalization, it has become vital to do “more”. Create more products, faster, more efficiently, in a more flexible way, and above all, in a safer process. The intensification of the production rhythms and the increasing demands from consumers have forced man to use machines to support him in his task.

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