Numii at SIDO 2019Health at work: The Numii scale showcased at SIDO
In our digital world filled with AI and big data, how can occupational health be reinvented, technical advances into social progress? The French company AIO has brought a solution to the table, called Numii, a scale for healthier workplaces, through the use of artificial intelligence. Featuring connected beacons, this swarm intelligence needs only to be placed near workers to assess their movements and efforts and generate the world’s first labour health database. 
Industry & Supply Chain / IoT / Healthcare / AI
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Collaborative robots and medicine by KukaCollaborative robots will shape the future of medicine

Robots are being increasingly utilized in the medical field. But this is not new. For over 30 years, they have been supporting patient care in healthcare facilities worldwide. Perhaps the best-known robot-based system from this “pioneer era” is the da Vinci Surgical System. Despite this “tradition,” however, the age of medical robotics has only just begun, as a new breed of sensitive and collaborative robots is poised to shape the future of robotics in medicine.

Healthcare / Robotics
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The latest robotics market stats confirm growth in all sectors hits two figures.The latest robotics market stats confirm growth in all sectors hits two figures.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) is the primary global resource for data on robotics. While the worldwide figures on industrial robotics are considered to be accurate, those for service robotics are seen only as trend indicators and are often underestimated

Industry & Supply Chain / Healthcare / Robotics / Agritech - Foodprocessing
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