The intelligent Internet of things


To ensure the quality of conferences, a scientific committee composed of recognized experts was convened.

The program will be developed in collaboration with the Committee and representatives of Partner Professional Networks, to decipher and understand with relevance challenges of IoT.

Bruno BONNELL is a multi-entrepreneur specialized in interactive technology.
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Rémy BOURGANEL is the founder and co-director of the research lab at Ensad Paris. For Orange Vallée, subsidiary of Orange focused on disruptions, reporting to Orange CEO, he acts as director/head of user experience, creative director, and consultant on the group's design strategy. More info
Luc BRETONES, Director of the ORANGE Technocentre, which is the Group's Product and Design Factory and Head of the ORANGE VALLEE.
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Eric DOSQUET, Chief Innovation Officer at Avanade, world first integrator for Microsoft solutions. Eric co-founded an accelerator (Athene Partners, 2010) and an IoT and robotics incubator (Well, 2014). He wrote several books on IoT, mobile marketing and innovation.
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Jean-Luc ERRANT, is an entrepreneur - CEO of Citizen Sciences - specializing in the information and communication technologies applied to the field of health and prevention.
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Olivier EZRATTY, bloggeur, author at Guide des Startups
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Jean-Louis FRÉCHIN is visionary designer: Design, innovation & technology. Founder NoDesign.
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Karim HOUNI, is Doctor Engineer, UI & IoT Innovation Group Leader at Groupe SEB to invent new uses for everyday objects. He is also Open Innovation's ambassador at Groupe SEB and SEB Alliance investment fund technologist expert.
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Jérôme SCHONFELD, CEO, FIVEFIVE. Designer oh the smart connected lamp Holî.
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Nicolas NOVA is a writer, ethnographer, and a consultant at the Near Future Laboratory. He is also Professor at the Geneva University of Arts and Design (HEAD). He undertakes field studies to inform and evaluate the creation of innovative products and services.
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Serge DARRIEUMERLOU FRANCE SOMFY's General Director, innovation methods' specialist and Activate-Innovation's owner. 
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Harold ZIME has a 6 years' experience in the finance market, the trades and the market's risks, in large banks such in Paris and Hong Kong. He founded Hoolders in 2014
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